50g Peach Flowers Fragrance Phoenix Mountain Oolong Tea 

The Peach Flower Fragrance Oolong is a wonder of flavors, fragrances and even colors. The surprisingly rich bouquet of beautiful spring peach flowers and creamy Iris flowers nestles on your tongue and activates your senses strongly. The colors come from this tea's unusual ability to invoke synesthesia. Some get a soothing mental image of an orange sunset while others 'see' the creamy purple petals of a bloomed rose.


50g Gold Medal Winning Lighting Mutated Phoenix Mountain Oolong Tea 

Lightning struck this tree in the late 1970’s destroying part of it and forever changing the flavor of the tea from the rest of it.The tea is not only quite strong and really good high mountain feeling for a high quality Phoenix Mountain Oolong but can be brewed more times as well. The lightning strike is attributed to these fine qualities.

Holiday Oolong Tea Gift Box

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