50g Menghai 2005 Ripe Puer

Leather. The feel, the aroma and the relaxing comfort of a favorite chair. That’s what this tea delivers and in big quantity. Sink in, kick off you shoes and unwind to a few cups. 

50g Yi Wu 2003 Raw Puer

This tea comes from ancient tea trees on Yiwu Mountain, which is known as the queen of raw Puer tea. It was perfectly aged in a professional controlled climate storage area in neighboring Menghai for its entire 17 years. During that time, it changed from a feisty kiddo to an adventurous teenager and finally graduated into a refined adult. The signature raw Puer flavor, cha qi, is there but now taking a more subtle posture alongside lotus leaf, Jujube fruit, classic aged flavors plus a natural sweetness coaxed out over time. There is not even the tiniest hint of any off-flavors that can plague an older raw Puer stressed in a less than ideal aging environment. 

It has indeed been worth the 17 year wait.

To ensure the highest quality drinking experience and maximum nutritional value, we keep all of our white and Puer teas in proper temperature and humidity controlled professional storage.

50g Moon Light Beauty 

Usually picked by girls and the process way of this tea is the most natural way which is just withering under the moon light ,that is how it's name come from . the flavor is give people a really calming and relaxing feeling ,a very gentle dried fruit like dried  apricot or honeydew melon flavor and fragrance. the tea is coming from Jinggu  where it is originally  comes from , and the tea tree is called Dabaihao (Big White tea Down )type of tea tree,that's way the buds have a lot of very beautiful silver tea down. picking standard is the highest picking standard which is single buds.

Holiday Puer Tea Gift Box

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