Great tea is nothing without great water

"On the question of what water to use, I would suggest that tea made from mountain streams is best, river water is all right, but well water is quite inferior. Water from the slow-flowing stream, the stone-lined pools, or milk-pure springs is the best of mountain water."

- Lu Yu, "The Classic of Tea"

Balanced water is critical for helping develop optimal aroma, color, flavor and texture of brewed tea. The right water will extract molecules stuck inside the tea leaf at the correct rate giving you a high quality tea experience. The proper amount of minerals (most importantly +2 calcium and +2 magnesium) in the water accomplish this. However too many will cause bitterness and astringency from excessive cross linking, while too few will not extract enough molecules leaving your tea on the light side. Just like anything in life you need the right balance. Which is exactly what our #1 recommendation Poland Spring (also called Origin is some places) does and why we brew all  of our tea with Poland Spring water. We tested over 162 brands and this one was the clear winner because it brings out the best flavor, fragrance and color in all our teas. Poland Spring is now available in most of the US. If you cannot find it locally, we provide a list of other waters below that also yield high quality brewed teas.

#1 Recommendation:

Poland Spring (Called Origin Brand in some areas)

National Brand Recommendations:

Poland Spring (Best overall water. Called Origin Brand in some areas)

Icelandic Glacier




Smart Water


Regional Brand Recommendations:

East Coast​

Poland Spring from Maine (Called Origin Brand in some areas)

Hood Natural Spring Water 

My Nouria Spring Water

Monadnock from New Hampshire



Kala Springs


Eternal Spring



Members Mark

South Korea

Crystal (Best for our Dancong Oolong teas)

Beksansoo (Best for our Raw Puer teas)