Laboratory Test Results for Moon Light Beauty 

Tea Description

This rare single bud Moonlight Beauty is the only tea we have tasted with strong notes of Honeydew melon in fragrance and flavor. Legend has it only happy females--this is the beauty part--are allowed to pick these robust buds (apparently men are just too darn rough on the buds). The tea is then withered under the moonlight--and here is the moonlight part. It is never kneaded, rolled, pan fired, baked or really anything. Thus is lacks the bitterness and astringency of other Pu'er teas. The flavor brings on a calm and relaxing feeling one would expect from drinking tea under the moonlight. Perfect for when one is looking for a little peace of mind.

For quality this good, naturally the tea comes from Jinggu, which is the birthplace of Moonlight Beauty and still producing the highest grade. The tree type is called Dabaihao (大白毫/Big White Tea Down) as these buds are blooming with lots of beautiful silver/white tea down.

Brewing Instructions

Storage:  Store unused portions away from sunlight and odors in a moderately humid area between 70-80F/21-27C.

Brewing water: Poland Spring (called Origin Brand in some areas) brand mineral water produces the finest results. See water recommendation list for additional options. Soft water, distilled water and hard water will ruin this tea. Tap water varies wildly and is best avoided as well.

Brewing temperature:100C/212F

Brewing method:  6g tea leaves (~2.5 heaping Tablespoons), 100ml (a bit less than 1/2 cup) water each time for 5 seconds in a Chinese gaiwan or a small pot. After the first 10 infusions, increase each infusion time by 5 seconds. To produce lighter tea, either decrease amount of tea, increase amount of water or decrease brewing time. To produce stronger tea, either increase amount of tea, decrease amount of water or increase brewing time. You can easily adjust to suit your individual taste.

Notes: Small quick infusions showcase the changing flavors of each cup. Longer brewing times in larger quantities of water (western brewing style) end up more homogeneous, but still very good results.

Moon Light Beauty Single Buds Yunnan White Tea

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