Aged Shou Mei from the 2007 spring pick is a fine example of classic aged white tea. Proper storage in its birthplace of Fuding, Fujian Province allowed for the myriad of molecular changes over the years bringing forth the flavors and fragrances that connoisseurs in China love--robust green lotus leaves and deep red dried Jujube fruit. Certainly without even a hint of bitterness or astringency.

To ensure the highest quality drinking experience and maximum nutritional value, we keep all of our white and Puer teas in proper temperature and humidity controlled professional storage.

Pairs well with lighter fish, tofu and mild desserts.

Storage:  Store unused portions away from sunlight in a moderately humid area between 70-80F/21-27C.

Brewing water: Poland Spring (called Origin Brand in some areas) brand mineral water produces the finest results. Soft water, distilled water and hard water will ruin this tea. Tap water varies wildly and is best avoided as well.

Brewing temperature:100C/212F

Brewing method: 3g, 60-80ml (~1/4-1/3 cup) water each time with quick infusions in a Chinese gaiwan or a small pot.   

13 Year Old Shou Mei White Tea

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