Pure essence of Jasmine flowers without a trace of bitterness or astringency. Not an easy task to complete. The first step is selecting a white tea 'canvas'  since green would drag along some unwanted roughness. Next is using only the tender inner buds of Silver Needle white tea. Their bounty of fine tea down/fur provides the needed surface area to hold onto the Jasmine pollen and other molecules when the flowers open and release all their goodness onto the tea. Without this down/fur there is simply not enough surface area to last for the full 9 infusions (normal Jasmine tea is only infused 3-4 times as any more would be a waste of the Jasmine flowers).

Our Jasmine Tea King exactly conforms to these standards--Silver Needle White tea base infused 9 times to deliver a pure Jasmine flower experience.

Storage: Store unused portions sealed in an airtight bag away from light in the freezer at 5F/-15C or below.

Brewing water: Poland Spring (called Origin Brand in some areas) brand mineral water produces the finest results. Soft water, distilled water and hard water will ruin this tea. Tap water varies wildly and is best avoided as well. If you don't have Poland Spring (called Origin Brand in some areas) brand mineral water available please see good substitutions on our water page.

Brewing temperature: 90C/194F  

Brewing method:  5g tea leaves (~2 heaping Tablespoons), 100ml (a bit less than 1/2 cup) water each time for 5 seconds in a Chinese gaiwan or a small pot. After the first 10 infusions, increase each infusion time by 5 seconds. To produce lighter tea, either decrease amount of tea, increase amount of water or decrease brewing time. To produce stronger tea, either increase amount of tea, decrease amount of water or increase brewing time. You can easily adjust to suit your individual taste.

Notes: Small quick infusions showcase the changing flavors of each cup. Longer brewing times in larger quantities of water end up more homogeneous, but still very good results.

Jasmine Tea King

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