Yi Xing Clay called Xiao Mei Yao (小煤窑) clay which is one of the best Yi sing Clay for Zhu Ni, pot is in tea master sized 120-130ml.

Xiao Mei Yao clay is a striking reddish orange but when raised turns to a red jade like color with beautifully fine surface textures.

Working with this clay is quite challenging as it shrinks around 25% during its time in the kiln. Even in Daibin's highly skilled hands, the pots have an inevitably high failure rate, especially compared to the much smaller 10% shrink rate of many clays in China.

The high mesh number means this clay has a very fine texture. Why is this important? Because that helps create the pot's signature appearance. At first glance the surface looks perfectly smooth, but up close you can see almost flowing wavelike patterns. There is even a saying in Chinese about these pots--无皱不朱 which means without those unique patterns the clay used was not authentic.

Due to the very limited amount of this fantastic clay, Xiao Mei Yao Clay pots are only available in this smaller tea master size.

Yi Xing Zi Sha (Zhu Ni---red clay)Shui Ping Pot 水平壶 Tea Master Size

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